The Buddy System



Since our creation, we have expanded the vision of Senior Master Sgt. William “Buddy” Tolliver and the Special Study Group to encourage economic growth, workforce development in smart growth communities and investment in renewable energy and Hemp products.

RECON takes a social and humanitarian approach into account that the people who depend on the alienated individuals for their source of revenue will be included in our target sectors.

We have every confidence that our program meets the standard provisions of community development and supports long term recovery efforts while factoring in job placement and Cannabis related employment projects.  


Economic Empowerment Priority

RECON has addressed Cannabis infractions currently in our cities, towns and municipalities utilizing our proven method the “Buddy System” whose framework was established by William Tolliver a U.S. Veteran.
The Airman was a native of (Jersey City) New Jersey who entered the Air Force in 1955 and was a decorated Air Force Senior Master Sergeant. He distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to the United States Air Force.
“Buddy” earnestly believed in equal employment opportunities for all people. He spent the remainder of his life communicating the core principles which would later manifest to form the company Relevant Energy Concepts (RECON). Further information on his career can be found on Wikipedia.

Relevant Energy Concepts has taken several actions that advance energy efficiency through partnerships with rural electric cooperatives, home efficiency upgrades, and private-sector partnerships. Our mission is to cut carbon emissions while creating jobs and saving families hundreds of dollars.

RECON strives to ensure that every household in the state receive energy services and an energy evaluation of there building’s integrity so we can identify any deficiencies that may result in health and safety hazards that could jeopardize the long-term viability of the property over time.

Our purpose for the site visits are to collect all necessary information needed to conduct an appropriate energy, water, health, and environmental analysis including sufficient information to create an accurate energy model. Your Audit will include an in-person visit to the project site so we can complete some of the following tasks:
1. Preparation, scheduling, and tenant notification (prior to visit)
2. Interviews of owners and managers
3. Safety and code observations
4. Visual inspections (ALM) and diagnostic testing to evaluate the efficiency and condition of the building envelope and your Furnace ,boiler and water heating systems


  • LED lighting Exchange 80%
  • Community Assistance Program 70%
  • Renewable Retrofits 76%

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

RECON offers a referral service for income eligible persons and others that include renters and home owners who are also entitled to apply into other programs that can reduce their Carbon Footprint. 
Energy efficiency services provided at no-cost through this program may include:
Free Refrigerators
Home Energy Retrofits
Mini Splits
Window AC Units
Washing Machines
LED Light Bulbs

No-cost replacement of an existing boiler or furnace may be possible if the existing heating system is determined to be inefficient and eligible for replacement.
If you are receiving assistance from a CAP program you may also be eligible to receive the Utility Discount Rate and the efficiency services described above for free: Backers of these programs may include Columbia Gas, National Grid and Eversource.

What should I expect?

Mandatory Combustion Appliance Safety Test

In any sampled unit with  combustion appliances a Combustion Appliance Safety Test will be conducted by our certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Professionals. Deficiencies will be reported to the owner or owner’s representative in any failed tested system. The owner will be responsible to arrange for corrections of any failed tested system. If there are no combustion appliances in the dwelling units and it is determined that the testing is unnecessary a statement confirming this fact will be included in the report.

Duct Leakage Test
Duct leakage tests may be conducted for all systems that have an adequate amount of supply or return air duct in unconditioned space. For the purposes of the duct test requirements ducts located in the space between two conditioned floors shall be within conditioned space. The system leakage must be corrected per the BPI standards protocols and leakage targets for existing buildings, additions, and alterations.

Energy Efficiency
Measures claimed for performance compliance in the ACM software (estimate of energy savings) are based on demonstrated potentials to achieve quantifiable electricity or gas (kWh, kW or therm) savings. The Panel install will reduce energy used potentially for space heating, space cooling, HVAC systems, domestic hot water systems, pumps, fans, appliances, and lighting.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Our Social Equity program will work in accordance with the CCC’s jobs creation platform and will provide basic life and social skills to persons loosely affiliated and or dramatically affected by previous Cannabis laws and the war on drugs. Cannabis laws have incarcerated and kept many people from obtaining gainful employment and has not allowed those persons to advance in a specific careers due to having a mariquana background check violation or a bad (CORI). Our programs will provide education, training and workshops to remedy those infractions. It is our understanding that these crucial tools support the mission of the Cannabis Control Commission.


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